Procedure for Bringing a Complaint Against a Student

Any student, faculty member, or administrator may file charges against any student for misconduct. A complaint to be filed, in writing, with the Vice President for Students. The Vice President for Students may suspend the student pending consideration of the case when necessary, until such time as it is deemed feasible for the student to return to campus or until a decision is rendered. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The Vice President for Students will make a preliminary investigation within seven days (excluding weekends, holidays, and school breaks) by consulting all parties involved, including the accused, to see whether the charges may be disposed of informally without the initiation of disciplinary proceedings.
  2. The Vice President for Students will determine whether the alleged misconduct warrants disciplinary proceedings. The student(s) will receive a copy of the complaint.
  3. The Vice President for Students will keep on file a copy of the complaint plus his/her investigation report for use by the Student Conduct Committee if warranted.
  4. The Vice President for Students will render a decision or refer to the Disciplinary Review Committee. Students will receive notification in writing with decision rendered by the Vice President for Students or decision to refer to Student Conduct Committee.
  5. If a complaint is referred to the Student Conduct Committee, the Vice President for Students will set a time for the hearing and notify all parties involved (within seven to ten days from the receipt of the complaint) if warranted.