Possible Automatic Suspension or Expulsion Action Items

The following offenses will merit automatic disciplinary suspension or expulsion from the College.

  1. Intoxication from, or the use, display or possession of alcoholic beverages on any area of the WSCC campus or school activity. (This includes the presence of empty or full alcoholic beverage containers.)
  2. Failure to promptly comply with directions of College officials or law enforcement officers acting in the performance of their duties as such officials and officers while on the WSCC campus.
  3. Theft of, receiving stolen property of, or intentional damage to property of the College or to the property of any member of the College community or visitor to the College campus.
  4. Intentional misuse of any College fire alarm, or emergency fire-fighting equipment.
  5. Actual or threatened physical abuse of any person, including hazing, or any other act which endangers the health or safety of any such person.
  6. Use, possession, influence, sale, or distribution of any controlled substance (drug), or drug paraphernalia, as outlined by the statutes of the State of Alabama, except as expressly prescribed by a physician.
  7. Use, possession, or distribution of firearms, knives, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, or any type of explosive or incendiary device or material. Items perceived as weapons are also prohibited. Only duly constituted law enforcement officers on duty may possess firearms on campus.