Miscellaneous Services

Extended Day Program

Wallace State Community College provides an educational program for people who wish to attend college in the evening. The evening program is multi-purpose in function and is designed to offer courses to meet the needs of persons who wish to complete a Certificate, AAS Degree, AA Degree or AS Degree. The evening program also meets the needs of those who wish to take college work in a technical or skills program and terminate their education at that point or to increase their proficiency and broaden their educational and cultural backgrounds but do not wish to enroll in a specific course of study. For information, contact Wayne Manord, Extended Day Administrator, at 256.352.8116.

Heads Up Prevention Services

Recognizing the need for students and staff to have an outlet to discuss preventive measures for drug and alcohol issues, the Heads Up Office in the Student Center was established in joint cooperation with Cullman Mental Health.