1098T Information

1098T’s will be provided to you in two different ways:

  1. Mailed to your home address.
  2. Available online by January 31.

You may review and print your 1098T’s by first accessing the WSCC website (www.wallacestate.edu) and then logging into your MyWallaceState account.

The following rules apply to the 1098T’s:

  1. Only charges for tuition and fees made by students who attended college at least half-time are eligible. 
  2. You will NOT receive a 1098T if you received a PELL Grant or scholarship money equal to or greater than your annual tuition cost.
  3. Book purchases are NOT tax deductible and will NOT be reflected on your 1098T.
  4. Foreign students will be required to provide a W-9S in order to receive a 1098T.

NOTE: Information about your tuition payments can NOT be discussed over the phone.