Schedule of Special Charges (Non-Refundable)

Accident Insurance (per semester)
(Accident insurance is not charged for all students, only some Health, EMS and technical programs.)
Malpractice Insurance (fall and spring only)  
Health Programs $7.50
EMS $32.50
Charge for Returned Checks $30.00
Graduation Fee $20.00
Replacement ID Badge $10.00
Diploma Cover Fee $10.00
Diploma Mailing Fee $5.00
Flight Fee (per flight hour) $140.00-$600.00
Replacement Hang-Tag $5.00
Parking Fines $20.00-$50.00
Drug Testing (All Health Science students per semester) $22.50
Standardized Testing Fees
Programs such as nursing may be required to administer specific assessment exams throughout the program. Fees to cover the cost of the exam vary according to program and may change without notice.
Travel Fee: Bus (27 and 56 passengers) $2.25 per mile with $300.00 minimum. Van (14 passenger) $1.00 per mile with $150.00 minimum. For overnight trips an additional fee of $125.00 per night will apply.  

NOTE: If hotels/housing arrangements are made through WSCC, assignments will be made based on biological sex of individuals. Separate, individual housing may be assigned/available.

NOTE: All trip expenses for a class will be calculated when scheduled, and students will be informed of their cost when they register. Payment for trips is required when students enroll for a course in genealogy or similar courses.

Special charges are subject to change without advance notice.