Transient Students

  1. A student who attends another postsecondary institution and who seeks credit for transfer to that parent institution may be admitted to the College as a transient student.
  2. The student must submit an application for admission, proof of identification, and an official letter from the institution that certifies that the credit earned at the college will be accepted as a part of the student’s academic program.
  3. Transient Students are responsible for completing the transcript request to assure that transcripts are sent to the parent institution. 
  4. Wallace State Students who seek to take classes as a transient student at another institution should contact the admissions office to request a Transient Authorization Form. Students must be in good academic standing. Students who owe a balance to the college will not be issued a Transient Authorization Form.
  5. Credit for the course(s) will be accepted in partial fulfillment of the degree requirements at Wallace State provided a grade of “C” or better was earned in the transient course.