Review by the Chancellor

If an appeal is accepted by the Chancellor, the Chancellor shall have thirty (30) calendar days from his/her receipt of the Grievant’s notice of appeal to investigate and review the allegations contained in the agreement, to review the report of the President and the Hearing Committee, to hold an appellant hearing (if he/she deems such appropriate), and to issue a report of his/her findings of fact and conclusions of law. The Chancellor shall have the authority to (1) affirm, (2) reverse, or, (3) affirm in part or reverse in part the findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the President and/or Hearing Committee. The report of the Chancellor shall be served to the Grievant and the Respondent(s) by personal service or certified mail, return receipt requested, to the respective home addresses of the parties. The report of the Chancellor shall not be further appealable except as allowed by the policies of the State Board of Education. However, the Grievant shall not be precluded from filing a grievance with an appropriate court or administrative agency.