Appeal to the Chancellor

Except in cases involving a claim alleging a violation of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, the President’s findings and conclusions will not be appealable. However, pursuant to applicable State Board of Education policy, a Grievant who is alleging a claim of illegal discrimination based on a violation of Title IX may file an appeal to the Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System for a review of the President’s decision and the findings arising from the College grievance hearing. A Grievant who has grounds for appealing the findings of the President by the Chancellor may do so by:

  1. Filing a notice of appeal, using Grievance Form C, to the Chancellor and the President of WSCC, within fifteen calendar days following the Grievant’ s receipt of the report of the President’s findings; and
  2. Specifying in the notice of appeal clear and specific objections(s) to the findings; 

If the appeal is not filed with the Chancellor by the close of business on the fifteenth day following the Grievant’s receipt of the President’s report, the Grievant’s opportunity to appeal shall have been waived. If the appeal does not contain clear and specific objections to the President’s report, it shall be denied by the Chancellor.