Registration Information

A student must be officially registered for every class he/she attends. If the student’s name does not appear on the class roll, credit will not be granted and the student may not attend the class. 

Details of the dates and times of registration for each semester will be published in the semester Schedule of Classes. Students may obtain a Schedule at or at Lion Central. Students should discuss their programs with their advisors before registering. Once the registration period has ended, written permission by the instructor is required to register for a class.

Change of Schedule

After a student’s registration is completed, he/she may change the schedule by dropping or adding a course. Courses can only be added or dropped during the official drop/add period published in the current class schedule. Changes to a registration can be made via the student’s MyWallaceState account.

Change of Program

A student may change programs by completing the appropriate form at Lion Central in the Bailey Center. Students who have graduated from a program but wish to begin another course of study, regardless of the length of time from graduation, must submit this form or complete a readmission application.