Plan for Visitors on Campus

  1. All police or other law enforcement visitors to see individual students must be joined by either a WSCC Police Officer, the Vice President for Students, the Night Coordinator or other designee while meeting with students on campus. 
  2. If someone shows up unescorted at a classroom door seeking a student, the instructor should direct him/her to Lion Central or the appropriate party. 
  3. Visitors for the purpose of serving papers on a student will be verified as legitimate and papers as authentic before meeting with students.
  4. Students will be contacted at location specified by law enforcement visitor and asked to speak with the visitor in the Campus Police Department, the Vice President for Students' office, or the Auxiliary Director’s office.
  5. WSCC staff will not give out any information on a student aside from Directory Information (name, address, phone number, date of birth, level of education, and major). Officer/visitor must already know location of student. 
  6. Guests, such as children, personal friends, or family members of faculty/staff members or students, should have a specific purpose for prolonged visitation on campus and be limited in time and location to not interfere with college/departmental operations. Guests are not permitted in classrooms during class time unless approved in advance. 


Unless supervised, students (including work studies) and visitors will not be allowed to be in campus buildings after regular operating hours. EXCEPTIONS include: 1) If campus is closed during normal hours by order of the President, students who need shelter or to wait on transportation to exit campus will be allowed to wait in a specified building; 2) Prior authorization for a pre-determined location and event via WSCC Events Office is obtained; 3) Prior authorization from the WSCC President's Office or the Vice President for Students' Office is obtained; and 4) Campus housing will follow housing policies on occupying dorms. Violators will be subject to College disciplinary action and additionally may be charged with trespassing via WSCC Campus Police.