Job Placement

Apprenticeships, internships and cooperative education provide students the opportunities to integrate classroom learning with practical work experience in a technical, business, or professional setting. Some opportunities are paid, while others are not. 

These opportunities are based on the principle that the work experience can enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom. Practical experience offered at a time when the student is at the peak of learning capacity adds relevance to education and fortifies the student in the total learning process. The College monitors the student’s work activities to make sure that the experience is valuable to the student’s educational progress and career goals.

For some experiences, such as co-op programs, students will register for Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) credit. The student’s performance will be monitored through a work-experience report. In addition, the employer will supply a report on the student’s activities together with a performance evaluation at the end of the semester. A final grade for each work period will be issued based upon the employer’s evaluation and other performance criteria. Grades will be recorded on the student’s official transcript and will become a part of the student’s grade-point average.

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