General Policy

No information from records, files, or other data directly related to a student (other than “directory” information as defined below) shall be disclosed to persons or agencies outside the College without the written consent of the student; except pursuant to a court subpoena or court order, or except in a case where educational or governmental officials have a lawful need for the information. However, information contained in such records may be disclosed within the College to College officials and staff members with a need for the particular information. Students shall be afforded the opportunity to have access to all such information on themselves with the exceptions set out below, in accordance with procedures outlined within this policy statement.

For the purposes of this policy, a “student” is defined as “any individual currently or previously enrolled in any course offered by Wallace State Community College.”

For the purpose of this policy, a student’s educational records are defined as those records, files, documents or other materials that contain information directly related to a student and are maintained by the College or a person acting on behalf of the College. Specifically excluded from the definition of “educational records” and not open to inspection by students are the following materials:

  1. Records of instructional, supervisory, and administrative personnel which are in the sole possession of the maker;
  2. Records of campus security, except in those instances where they have been transmitted within the College for administrative purposes; and 
  3. Records which are created or maintained by a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other recognized professional or para-professional acting in a professional or para-professional capacity or assisting in that capacity and which are created, maintained or used only in connection with the provision of diagnosis or treatment to the student and are not available to anyone other than the persons providing such treatment to the student or to such other persons as may be authorized in writing by the student to receive such information from such records.