Directory Information

The following is a list of student information that may be made available by the College without prior consent of the student:

  1. Student’s name;
  2. Student’s address (local and permanent);
  3. Student’s telephone number;
  4. Student’s place of birth;
  5. Student’s major field of study;
  6. Student’s participation in officially recognized activities, clubs, organizations, and athletics
  7. Degree and awards received by the student;
  8. The previous institution most recently attended by the student; and
  9. The height and weight of varsity athletes.

Much of the information listed above is routinely published in College publications. However, if any student desires that any of the above listed information not to be published on said student, the College will refrain from making public such information on that student, provided that the student makes a request for the information to be withheld, and the request is made prior to the end of the late registration for the given academic term. A request for non-disclosure of directory information may be completed in the Admissions Office. Students may also complete a request for non-disclosure of photographs, which may be used for college marketing or related purposes.