Advising and Orientation

Selection of Pathways

The College assists students in selecting courses and programs from which they can derive maximum benefit. Individual abilities, previous training and education, and personal objectives will be considered when assisting the student in determining appropriate program and course enrollment. Each student is assigned an advisor prior to his/her first semester of enrollment.

Advisors at Wallace State assist students with academic and career planning along guided pathways to ensure success in their respective programs of study. These pathways are Liberal Arts/General Studies, Career Technical, Health, and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Academic Assessment and Placement

In keeping with its responsibility to offer optimal learning experiences, the College will utilize a student’s prior college-level coursework, ACT scores, high school grade point average in conjunction with final grades in designated high school courses, and ACCUPLACER placement assessment scores to determine eligibility for placement into mathematics and English courses. Placement scores and the high school GPA are valid for five years. If older than five years, the student must take the ACCUPLACER assessment. Academic advisors will assist students with determining the appropriate placement into mathematic and English courses. There is no initial ACCUPLACER assessment fee, but a $10.00 fee is charged for retests.

Change of Program and Name

A student may change his/her name by completing the Update Information form. The form can be located on the website under the Admissions tab or at Lion Central in the Bailey Center. Students must present a legal document that reflects the requested name change (e.g., driver’s license, marriage certificate, Social Security card).

Students requesting a program change must complete the Change of Program form located on the website under the Admissions tab or at Lion Central in the Bailey Center. Change of major/program request submitted before drop/add will be processed for the current academic term. Requests submitted after drop/add will be processed for the next academic term.