Student Code of Conduct

Wallace State Community College is dedicated to the total development of students. Therefore, the College has the responsibility for protecting individual rights, both academic and personal, including the rights of students and employees.

The College assumes that its students are mature adults who have developed mature behavior patterns, positive attitudes, and conduct above reproach; the College believes in treating students as adults. Therefore, the College reserves the right to discipline any student whose conduct and behavior is undesirable or harmful to the College. In addition to the WSCC Code of Conduct and procedures, criminal behavior is subject to criminal charges.

Generally, College disciplinary action will be limited to conduct which adversely affects educational pursuits. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the rules and regulations of both the College and the department in which the student chooses to enroll. Failure to do so does not excuse the student from any policy as set forth by the College or the department in which the student is enrolled. The following misconduct subjects students to disciplinary review: