Residence Halls

Wallace State Community College has dormitory rooms available that are designated separately for men and women (based on biological sex of individuals). Students should make application in the Office of the Auxiliary Director prior to the semester in which they plan to maintain residence. The contact number is 256.352.8156.

General Policy

The Wallace State Community College Residence Hall policy is based on the theory that students have the right to expect a quiet, clean, safe atmosphere in which they can live, study, and develop as individuals. All students residing in the on-campus housing are expected to adhere to this policy. Dorm residents must adhere to the College’s Code of Conduct as well as Dorm Regulations.

The administration of Wallace State Community College realizes that not all individuals can adjust to group living. For this reason and to safeguard the rights and privileges of the majority of the students, the administration reserves the right to dismiss any student from the residence halls, based upon misconduct, when such action is considered advisable.

Wallace State Community College officials reserve the right to consolidate and relocate residents living in the dormitory whenever necessary for reasons of overall student welfare.

In general, all residents are required to keep their living areas clean and orderly at all times. The residence hall director may inspect rooms at any time or by any of the WSCC administrators to whom this responsibility has been delegated. Rooms will be inspected to determine if repair and maintenance are required, if damage has been done to College property, if proper inventory of College property is being maintained, and if the residents are in compliance with College regulations. Students failing to show proper regard for the condition of their overall living areas will be subject to expulsion from the residence hall and will be charged for any damage.

Responsibility for College Property

At the time that any student assumes residence in the WSCC residence halls, the student also assumes responsibility for College property. Occupants may not alter the premises in any way. The occupant(s) must pay for damage or defacement to any part of the residence hall, individual rooms, or furnishings. The College reserves the right to inspect the premises at any time for damage, sanitation, or fire hazards. If damage is done to the common premises of the residence hall and the individuals responsible cannot be determined, all residents using that part or portion of the facility will assume a pro-rata share of the damages. Students may not nail, glue, inscribe, or otherwise deface walls, woodwork, doors, windows, or any other College property.

Responsibility for Personal Property

The College assumes no responsibility for injury to persons, or loss or damage to items of personal property that occur in buildings, grounds, or any other property belonging to the College. Students (and their parents or guardians) are strongly encouraged to purchase and maintain appropriate insurance to cover such losses.

Quiet Hours

The first step toward success at Wallace State Community College begins with good study habits. Reasonable quiet hours are expected in the residence halls at all times. Please display courtesy to other students; playing a musical instrument, radio, record or tape player, or television loudly enough to be heard outside the room is prohibited and will result in the loss of privileges. Quiet hours are every day from 10:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. During exam week, all hours are quiet hours.

Resident Student Conduct

General student conduct is discussed in this catalog under the heading of “Student Regulations.” The regulations for all WSCC students apply to resident students (where applicable) while they are living in the residence halls. Failure to adhere to the regulations will be grounds for dismissal.

Restroom/Locker Room Policy

Restrooms and locker rooms are designated separately for men and women unless otherwise posted. Locations of family or unisex restrooms can be obtained through the office of the Vice President for Students. There will be no loitering in restrooms or locker rooms on Wallace State Community College’s campus. Violators are subject to disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Procedure

It is each student’s responsibility to become familiar with all rules and regulations governing student conduct and action in the residence halls. The residence hall director, who has the day-to-day administrative responsibility over the residence hall, will record any misconduct. If misconduct persists or if misconduct is severe enough, the residence hall director will report the incident(s) to the Auxiliary Director, and appropriate action will be taken.