Providing Records to Third Parties

The general policy of Wallace State Community College is to refuse to grant to third parties access to student records without the written consent of the individual student. In the event that a student should wish to have such records released or reviewed by a third party, the student must submit a written request to the proper records official, and in such consent, specify the records to be released or reviewed, and, if desired, a request for copies of the respective records to be made available to the student. Upon the receipt of such written consent, WSCC will then grant the appropriate access to the party or parties designated by the student. There shall be a service fee for producing photocopies of any records that are requested to be copied by the student or by the person to whom the student gives permission to request photocopies.

Notwithstanding the above requirements, student records may be made available to the following persons without written consent of the student: appropriate college officials, official representatives of federal departments or agencies or state education authorities, financial aid officers, recognized educational accrediting organizations, organizations conducting studies for administrative evaluations, etc., and other appropriate persons in an emergency situation where such disclosure is necessary, or reasonably presumed to be necessary, to protect the health or safety of the student or any other person employed by or attending the College.

Photographs and/or video taken by the institution, or on behalf of the institution, remain college property and may be distributed for publications, newspapers, commercials, student newspapers or yearbooks, or other appropriate sources unless the student signs a request for non-disclosure form in the Admissions Office.

Records officials shall place in each student’s file a record of all requests for access to the file, the name of each person making any request for information from the file, the agency or institution represented by each person making any such request, and the action taken by the records official in response to the request. However, there shall be no such record necessarily kept for a request made by WSCC officials who have a need for access to the respective file.

The appropriate record official will supervise inspection of individual student records, and the student’s record file shall not be taken from the designated record official’s office. The student may obtain one unofficial copy of his/her academic record on written request without charge. An unofficial copy is defined as a copy that does not bear the official seal of the College impressed on the record, but is otherwise a true copy. Records officials shall not copy or otherwise reproduce copies of official student transcripts or any other information obtained from transfer students as official transfer requirements.