Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act Policy

In conjunction with its Drug-Free Workplace Policy, the College also complies with the Omnibus Transportation Employees Testing Act of 1991. This act relates to those employees possessing or required to possess a Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL).

Any employee in or applicant for such a CDL position has special obligations to notify the College that he or she has recently or is currently using certain physician-prescribed drugs or other medication that may affect that person’s test results and/or ability to perform his or her duties. Current CDL employees are subject to the following rules:

  • When reasonable suspicion exists that an employee has used a controlled substance or has otherwise violated the substance abuse rules, he/she may be tested.
  • The College may conduct unannounced random testing.
  • When an Employee is involved in any accident resulting in injury or damage to College property, he/she must notify the Director of Auxiliary or Chief of Police.
  • When an employee returns from substance-abuse rehabilitation, the College may require that he/she submit to follow-up testing.
  • All affected employees may be required to undergo urinalysis as part of a re-certification physical examination.

The complete policy and pertinent procedures are available in the office of the Director of Human Resources. This policy and procedures cover Testing Procedures, Collection Sites, Collection Procedures, Occasions When the Collection Personnel Should Directly Observe the Specimen Being Provided, Evaluations and Return of Results to the College, Request for Retest, Release of Test Results, Discipline, and Investigations and Searches.