Motor Vehicle Registration and Regulations

  1. Registration

Wallace State Community College requires all students who drive on the WSCC campus, to register their motor vehicles. Vehicles must be registered through Lion Central, located in the Bailey Center and possess a current campus identification hang tag. They will receive vehicle identification which must be displayed while on campus. 

  1. Motor Vehicle Repair

Students may have their personal motor vehicles repaired in the following College departments: Advanced Automotive Technology, Auto Body, or Diesel. To insure that students in Advanced Automotive Technology obtain work on current auto systems and procedures, the Automotive Service Technology Department will not repair automobiles that are over ten years old. All vehicle repairs must relate to courses being taught during the semester.

The cost of repairs on students’ vehicles will reflect the purchase price of parts and materials, plus 20%, and tax. There is no charge for labor.

When the estimated cost of repairs exceeds $200.00, a 75% deposit must be paid at the Cashier’s Office prior to the initiation of the work. After the work is completed, the work order must be paid in full at the Cashier’s Office before the vehicle is returned to the student. A paid-in-full receipt must be furnished to the shop instructor before the vehicle can be released.