Guidance and Advising Services

A professionally trained staff provides guidance and advising services for all students at Wallace State Community College. These services are accessible to students in both day and extended-day programs. Faculty members and the Advising Center staff are available for academic advising and educational planning. Assessments of various kinds may be suggested to assist students with identifying personal strengths and matching interests with focused areas of study. Staff members are professionally trained for administering, evaluating, and interpreting these assessments for maximum benefit. Students are encouraged to discuss their Pathways plans, needs, and goals with their instructors, their faculty advisors, and the Advising Center staff.

Advisors are also available to assist students with Pathways, creating an educational plan, making schedule and/or program changes, addressing academic performance, and developing effective study habits. The advising staff has the skills and the ability to refer to community resources or assist students who may experience circumstances, which interfere with their academic pursuits and personal growth. It is the responsibility of each student to make use of the advisors.

Students may schedule an appointment with the Advising Center staff, or visit Lion Central for assistance.