Disciplinary Procedures

College disciplinary procedures assure the student’s right to procedural and substantive due process and to safeguard personal and confidential information concerning the student. These procedures may differ from court procedures in the interest of student welfare and confidentiality procedures and rules have been developed to assure fair hearing and appeal. The Vice President for Students makes disciplinary decisions at the administrative level and refers appropriate appeals to the College Student Conduct Committee for an appellate hearing. The Vice President for Students is responsible for coordinating all disciplinary procedures and for reviewing appropriate records of student conduct and disciplinary actions.

Alleged violations of College regulations must be filed in writing with the Vice President for Students in order to initiate a disciplinary review. Any student, faculty member, or staff member may register a complaint with the Vice President for Students. The Vice President for Students will then inform the accused in writing, will request a conference, and will render a decision to the student regarding the case in question. The decision will be one of the following:

  1. Find the accused not guilty and dismiss the case.
  2. Refer the student to a counselor for personalized assistance.
  3. Find the student guilty as charged and apply the appropriate penalty stated under “Disciplinary Actions.”
  4. Refer the case directly to the College Student Conduct Committee for a hearing.

Upon communicating his/her decision to the student, the Vice President for Students will also explain the student’s right to appeal the case to the Student Conduct Committee. If the student wishes to appeal the case, he/she must give a written request, stating the reason(s) for the appeal, to the Vice President for Students within seventy-two hours. The Vice President for Students will then have 48 hours to refer the case to the Student Conduct Committee along with his/her recommendation for disciplinary action. The Committee will conduct a hearing under the guidelines specified in “Hearing Procedures,” and will submit its decision in writing to the Vice President for Students, who will notify the student.