Credit for Military Training and Educational Experiences

Military Training

  1. Credit for courses taken while in the military will be evaluated according to nationally recognized guidelines, e.g. Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Services Support (DANTES) and/or American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines.
  2. The student is responsible for having the scores sent to the Office of Admissions.
  3. Credit for courses with acceptable scores will be posted to the student’s transcript.

Articulation Agreements

  1. WSCC has agreements with several school districts whereby the students of their Technical Career Centers may receive credit for the technical courses completed at these locations.
  2. The high school graduates who have completed the Career/Technical Program at these high schools, maintained a B average in their high school career/technical core courses, and enrolled at WSCC may receive up to one semester of technical credit as determined by the individual program agreements.
  3. Skills tests will be administered by the WSCC Instructors in those programs that require testing.
  4. Credit for courses with acceptable scores will be posted to the student’s transcript as transfer credit.

Challenge Exams

  1. Approved course exams may be given by the departments to assess skills. 
  2. Upon successful completion of these exams, credit may be transcribed with an “S” grade upon payment of tuition and fees ( for the course tested.
  3. In certain instances, a waiver of course requirements may be appropriate. The Division Dean will evaluate requests according to curricula and determine whether to waive course requirements. 

Portfolios (PLA)

  1. Documentable training, certificates, or skills.
  2. Comprehensive collection of qualifications.
  3. Forms and information are available from WSCC Prior Learning Coordinator.
  4. Portfolio describes experience and student request review for possible credit.