Challenging the Contents of the Record

Wallace State Community College will respond to any reasonable request for an explanation or interpretation of any item in a student’s file. Requests for such explanation or interpretation should be addressed in writing to the Vice President for Students. If, after inspecting a record, a student wishes to challenge any part of the file’s content, a written request for a hearing should be addressed to the Vice President for Students, who will set a date and time for a hearing within forty-five (45) days of receiving the written request.

The request for such a hearing should identify the item or items in the file that are to be challenged and state the grounds for the challenge, i.e. inaccuracy, misleading nature, or inappropriateness. The Vice President for Students, with the appropriate records official, shall examine the contested item or items in the file, shall hear the person(s) responsible for placing the item(s) in the file, and shall examine any documents or hear any testimony that the student wishes to present in support of making a requested change to the file. The Vice President for Students and the appropriate records official shall issue a written decision within ten days of the conclusion of the hearing whether the item should be retained, deleted or revised. In the event that there is a determination that the item should remain in the file, the student shall be given the option of placing into his/her file, along with the challenged item, a brief written commentary or explanation of his or her challenge.