Mr. Jason Bynum, Instructor


Associate in Applied Science Degree (4 semesters)

Certificates (4 semesters)

Short-Term Certificates (1-2 semesters)

Poultry Science 2+2 Option 

At a Glance 

Graduates of the agriculture production/horticulture program obtain positions as technicians and sales consultants with garden centers and perform landscape installations and maintenance work on commercial, residential and recreational properties.

Program Description

WSCC offers an associate's degree and many certificates in the agriculture/horticulture program. The program is designed with curriculum to prepare students for various jobs in the green industry. Students will learn skills in landscaping, nursery operations, greenhouse operations, plant propagation, floriculture, turf maintenance, hydroponics/aquaponics and equipment repair and maintenance. 

Admission Requirements 

Students must meet all the general admission requirements of WSCC and have a high school diploma or GED. 

Program Expectations

Instruction covers beekeeping (introductory), floriculture, plant identification, landscape design, landscape maintenance, greenhouse crop production, greenhouse management, turf maintenance, propagation methods, soils, fertilizers and other specialty training for timed crops. In addition to this, training courses are taught toward obtaining state professional service licenses. This training includes the SLP (Setting of Landscape Plants), OTPS (Ornamental Turf and Pest Supervisor) and ALCLP (Alabama Certified Landscape Professional exam). Other certificates are available within the program such as forklift certification, NC3 secateurs and loppers certification and OSHA 10 for agriculture. 

Career Path

This program is designed to equip students with skills to qualify for a variety of jobs in the green industry. These may include, but are not limited to, landscape crew leader, greenhouse manager, greenhouse grower, landscape technician, nursery grower, garden center manager, landscape designer, floriculture manager, green industry entrepreneur, turf manager, nursery manager, landscape consultant and business owner. 

Careers in agriculture/horticulture can appeal to a wide range of individuals. If you have a specific interest in machinery, landscape design, plants, the environment, technology or marketing, this may be the career choice for you. 

Degrees and Certificates


AGR 200 : Introduction to Animal Dairy Science

This course concerns the importance of livestock to agriculture and to the nutrition of people. Livestock terminology, selection, reproduction, nutrition, management, marketing, and species characteristics of beef cattle, swine, sheep, and horses are emphasized.




As required by program

AGR 215 : Agribusiness Management

This course focuses on practices essential to establishing and maintaining an agribusiness. Topics include personnel management, finance, customer service, insurance, and record keeping. Upon course completion, students will demonstrate an understanding of the requirements to comply with mandated state and federal regulations, manage employees, and meet consumer demands.




As required by program